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Integrative medicine & Holistic healing festival

Mohali (India) September 2019.

With gratitude and in the name of all the collaborators here in “SPES – Clínica del alma” we send all our love to all of you.

We are honored for the invitation to participate in the Integrative Medicine & Holistic Healing Festival, we´re convinced on the idea that we´re not only physical dimension. That´s why, the medicine needs to integrate the mind, emotions and spiritual dimensions too. The healing process for us, is the “equilibrium” between the therapy on the body that we can see, and the therapy on the body that we can´t, with love and humanism.

In SPES, we don´t call them “pacientes” (patients) we work with “ACTIENTES” that means those who take action in their healing process.

We have several therapeutic disciplines in our programs, such as: Psychology, Nutrition, Meditation, Acupuncture, Emotional guidance, Thanatology, Sintergetic, Biomagnetism, Therapy of energy field and life frequencies (Rife and Hulda Clark), to name a few.

We´re in the Spanish Hospital complex in México City, and we feel proud to be considered to participate in this global healing movement: “the new integrative medicine”.

Speakers form SPES:

Martín Achirica (Founder)

Professional in communication and management.

Logistics specialist for international events

Co-Founder of CIMA Foundation helping woman with cancer.

Founder of SPES – Clínica del Alma and author of the book: "Euthanasia to live"

Tahi Ricart (Acupuncturist)


Human development specialist

Gestalt and Child´s expert

Art therapy


Ana María Oliva (Biomedicine)

Master in biomedical engineering, International speaker, author of three books and creator of the “sabio” method for health optimization.

Sincerely yours,

Martín Achirica

SPES-Clínica del Alma

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